Park Hyatt Maldives to be a “basic” category six hotel

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the Park Hyatt Maldives, which would be opening on April 1, 2011 (being rebranded from an Alila resort). Some suspected that Hyatt would create a new reward category for the hotel, which I wasn’t anticipating, given that there are several other Park Hyatt properties with rates of $700+. However, I kind of expected they would count all rooms as suites, given that the property is made up entirely of 100 square meter (or more) villas. This means instead of the normal rate of 22,000 points per night for a category six hotel, they would be charging 33,000 points per night (with a three night minimum).

The good news is that this isn’t the case. The rooms are being priced as basic category 6 rooms, meaning it’s 22,000 points per night. I’d say that’s a pretty good value. At the same time, apparently suite upgrades won’t be accepted, given that the only “premium” rooms are ones with better views. I guess that’s reasonable enough.

On one hand I’m tempted to visit, but on the other hand I’m not. There’s no such thing as a “reward” stay here. You’ll pay more for basic incidentals/food at this hotel, not to mention the $450 per person transfer to the hotel, than you would for a paid rate in a club room at the InterContinental Bali, which is probably just as enjoyable.

Still, it’s tempting! Maybe in a few years…


  1. I’m seriously considering, and this isn’t logical but especially consdiering that I’ll have Capital One Hyatt certs burning a hole in my pocket (from 4 cards).

    Very hopeful that they’ll allow booking award stays and buying up to confirm the water villa. And also that there’ll be some sort of diamond benefit since reports are breakfast is included for all awards. A little something else extra would be nice..

  2. The Kandooma Holiday Inn for only 15,000 points per night and $159 per adult for the airport transfer looks to be a much better value and a pretty nice place. Am I missing something?

  3. @ Gene — I don’t think you’re really missing anything, other than the fact that one is a Holiday Inn and one is a Park Hyatt. That’s not to say the Park Hyatt will be five times better (as the price suggests), but that’s just the premium you pay for a brand like Park Hyatt.

  4. Normally, I would always go for the Park Hyatt, but the price difference in this case is absolutely absurd. I did a bit more research, and found that you can supposedly get from MLE to the Holiday Inn Resort via ferry + a shorter hotel transfer for less than $50 per person.

    I really want to go to Maldives and the other half has already said “hell no” to the $450 PH airport transfer, so it’s going to be the Holiday Inn or nothing at all for me!

  5. The Park Hyatt is on its own Atoll without separate regular seaplane service. There’s no more properties out there, each and every pickup is arranged just for you. And it’s a seaplane to a boat even. And the tranafer takes a couple of hours I believe. Not cheap especially x 2 (you’d think they would discount the second person…) but not crazy given the remote location relative to many other properties.

    Personally I’m not interested in flying all the way to MLE to end up at the Holiday Inn.

  6. @Gary — Maybe those Capital One Hyatt certs can be used to cover the transfer if billed to your room? (doubt it.)

  7. @Gary — Sold to the other half! All I had to say was “private” and “seaplane”, and he caved. Now, to figure out when to go!

  8. @Gene anything billed to your room should actually be paid with those Hyatt certs. They do have T&C like only those services provided by entities owned by the hotel or some such. But in practice I’m not sure how true that is. They’re basically Costco certs with higher denominations and expiration dates.

    And seriously, one easy was to do it is F redemptions on Cathay eg SFO/YYZ – HKG – CMB. You can even buy a cheap EK *F* ticket for the short CMB-MLE segment if you want…….

  9. According to the hotels website, it’s just a regular flight – no seaplane?!

    “The resort is located 400 kms south of Male International Airport. Upon arrival in Male, an airport representative will greet and escort you to the Domestic terminal and assist with your check in. You will embark upon a 55-minute domestic flight to Kaadhedhoo Domestic Airport located in the Gaafu Alifu atoll. Upon arrival, another airport representative will greet and escort you to the awaiting speedboat for a 75 minute speedboat transfer to the resort.”

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