American offers double elite qualifying miles and a 20% discount code for certain London routes!

The competition seems to be getting fierce between American/British Airways and Delta as they’re battling it out over London. Just last week I booked my first “mileage run” on American, a paid business class ticket to Paris via London, which I posted about here. Well, it seems that mileage run just got nearly double as rewarding, as American is launching a double elite qualifying miles promotion between Miami and London and Boston and London for those on full fare coach tickets and above. What makes this promotion especially unique is that travel on British Airways qualifies too.

The promotion is valid for travel between March 29 and August 15, 2011, and registration is required using code LHREQ. Furthermore, the promotion is only valid for those with AAdvantage accounts residing in Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts or Rhode Island.

I’m still not certain if my ticket qualifies or not based on the verbiage. I’m flying roundtrip from Miami to London, though as part of a larger ticket. I assume I would still be eligible, though would only get the double elite qualifying miles for the segments between Miami and London, right?

Furthermore, those that book and fly a roundtrip between Boston and London or Miami and London between March 29 and May 31, 2011, receive a 20% discount code for their next ticket to Europe. The discount code will have to be used for bookings between June 15 and July 31 for travel between August 15 and November 15. Then again, that’s probably not worth a whole lot, since air fare for October and November seems to drop well over 20% after Labor Day.

Anyway, I’m one happy camper. Not only will my mileage run just about satisfy my Executive Platinum challenge, but it also gets me closer to requalifying.

(Tip of the hat to awpeters)


  1. Hmm. I live in CT (the address of record on my AA account) but was given an invalid code message when i tried to register for this scheme. Could this also he targeted beyond just those states? Is the promo on (I couldn’t find the specific offer.)

  2. I live in MA and received an announcement by email direct from AA. I too received an invalid code error when I tried to register.

  3. Apparently AA’s strategy is to cheapen the product further.
    Someone needs to take over that company and liquidate the assets which are worth more than the company as a whole. Make AAdantage insolvent, and sell prime assets such as the JFK terminal. I’m sure someone will buy it

    And the bondholders would have a shot at getting their money back

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