I just booked a paid business class ticket!

Oy, with that decision, I would have probably been better off applying the money towards a timeshare at the insane asylum. I just voluntarily booked a legitimate paid business class ticket for a trip I don’t need to take. The cent per mile Gods are sending lots of bad karma my way!

But it was for good reason… mostly… kind of… not really. Stay tuned.


  1. New airline, and the best mileage availability was using miles with enough fees that it made more sense to add miles to an account instead of spending almost that much to redeem for that flight.

  2. EXP Challenge? The AA I fares to Europe from Florida are a steal and earn 1.5 EQP.

    If that is the case, though, its too bad. For just a few hundred dollars more lucky could’ve gotten the same number of EQP as the Europe itinerary but tried out Etihad First Class.

  3. I’m going with Alex’s guess. This would be the easiest way to EXP. OMG, you’re finally gonna do it?!

  4. Well, it would be “alright” if you opened up a new mileage credit card to purchase this business class fare and received a sign-up bonus. 😉

    It will be interesting to get your opinion on your intrinsic experience comparing paid business class versus award.

  5. @Patrick — Purchasing refundable airfares is a great way to quickly reach a spend threshold on a new CC!

  6. Gene – but if you refund the ticket, doesn’t it then “refund” the spend on the cc, and the miles are forfeited?

  7. @Brit — Yes, but you only refund the ticket after you attain the threshhold through other sepdnindg. This method doesn’t exempt you from the threshold requirement, it just gets you to the threshold (and bonus) sooner.

  8. It must have been AA to South America. The fares are (were?) ridiculous on a CPM basis (much better than the ones to Europe) and they really help with the EXP challenge. I did the same thing, my first ever paid business class fare.

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