Hilton’s second quarter promotion: 1,000 bonus points per night

Hilton has finally announced the details of their second quarter promotion, which is fairly straightforward. Between April 1 and June 30 you earn 1,000 bonus points for each night you stay at a Hilton family property worldwide. Registration is required prior to your stay. The promotion is very “bleh,” but then again, I don’t have high expectations of Hilton on the promotion front.


  1. I think this is better than SPG’s Q1 promotion of double points and 500 extra points for thus-sunday nights.

    But it looks like SPG’s yet to be announced Q2 promotion will be 1 free weekend night at select SPG resorts for 3 stays at any SPG hotel. Not great, but still better than Hilton’s Q2 promotion.

  2. @B, I agree. The Hilton promo is better than the SPG Q1 promo. 1,000 bonus points a night add up pretty quick.

  3. Has anyone registered successfully? I reach the landing page, but I receive an error when I enter my username and password. Diamond Desk could register me manually and said it may not be active until next week.

  4. This is a terrible promo compared to Hilton’s Q1 promo! 1,000 points a night means I’ll only earn 4,000 bonus points for a typical four night stay….this quarter I’m earning around 20,000 to 24,000 bonus points for a typical four night stay….this is a HUGE step backwards!

  5. @Matt (#3), Despite my griping, I did just sign up and was able to complete the sign-up successfully.

  6. All of which means we should see a decent promo from Priority Club – as they seem to love to tweak Hilton whenever they can . . .

  7. What a downer of a promo compared to the Q1 promo offering up to quadruple bonus points for stays of 4 nights or more. I thought the Hyatt promo was bad, but this one is not much better.

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