Potentially great use of Capital One points for Hyatt stays

For those of you taking advantage of the 110,000 mile Capital One Venture Rewards card sign-up bonus, here’s a potentially great use of your 110,000 or so Capital One points. Typically you’re only earning what equates to one percent cash back which can be applied towards travel, though there’s also an option to apply 51,250 points towards a $900 Hyatt check certificate. There’s speculation in this FlyerTalk thread as to what exactly the terms of the certificate are, and most are hoping they’re very similar to the ones that Costco sold a while back for 20% off. Either way, this is potentially nearly double the value you would get out of using the points otherwise.

(Tip of the hat to Peter)


  1. @ Kathy — Because Capital One points are not miles. The best use of them (other than this) is applying them towards the value of a ticket at one cent each. The program isn’t lucrative, other than the huge sign-up bonus they’re offering right now.

  2. has anyone been able to verify if capital one will match points even if there is not another airline card involved?

  3. lucky:

    If you use Capitol One points to “buy” a plane ticket (or hotel credit as described here), it is 100% clear that you will then get miles/points/nights/stay/elite credit from the resultant activity?

    Seems like a way to do some double-dipping, as normal reward flights don’t earn miles.

  4. Absolutely, because you’re simply requesting reimbursement from Capital One. You can only file for it after the fact if you prefer.

  5. Lucky I have also found a $900 Fairmont cert for 51,500 C1 points and it carries no expiry date.

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