Sale: US Airways Club membership available for only $259

I’m not sure for how long this is valid for, but right now US Airways is selling annual memberships to their club for only $259 (plus the $50 initiation fee), regardless of status level. Given that a US Airways Club membership gets you into most Star Alliance lounges, this is just about as good as a Presidents Club membership, Red Carpet Club membership, etc., assuming you mostly use the lounge when flying the respective airline. So even if you never fly US Airways, this deal is seriously worth considering.

They offered a very similar deal back in September, charging $249 for an annual membership.

I guess US Airways isn’t just the unofficial award consolidator of the Star Alliance, but also the lounge membership consolidator. 😉


  1. This sounds like a great deal. I am considering buying it for my mother but don’t know if it will make sense as she typically travels within Europe but not necessarily on a Star Alliance airline. Will she need to a same-day Star Alliance boarding pass to access the Star Alliance lounge?

    I am guessing that while in the US she cannot use an RCC but will be limited to US Airways Clubs or Star Alliance lounges?

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Never mind my post above, I did some research in the previous post and found the answers. Thanks!

  3. @Sean, I checked the US Air page and also the Star Alliance page, and yes, it will admit member plus one guest. No mention was made of children.

  4. My RCC membership is almost up so this would be an option, however I also got an offer in the mail for a 1st year fee waived CO Presidential plus card, which includes club membership and an extra 25% rdm, among other benefits.

  5. Basically this lets you use all US clubs, Presidents Clubs and RCCs when on any carrier and any *A Business lounge when flying on any *A carrier.

  6. $259? If they knock another $100 off it might be worth it. Seriously many of the US lounges are total dumps…

  7. I know that in United RCC, you use your United Mileage Plus # to access the WiFi T-Mobile network.

    If you’re a US Airways club member and use a United RCC, do they give you a free wifi code? Otherwise, if you use a lot of internet it oculd be better to go with United RCC as opposed to US Airways.

  8. > If you’re a US Airways club member and use a United RCC, do they give you a free wifi code?

    The trick is that RCC members are offered a Wi-Fi card upon entry, but US Air members have to ask for one. If you don’t ask, you won’t get one.

  9. Deal appears to be dead just one day after posting, as I can’t find anything on about it – unless there’s a link someone wants to share. Shame, I was about to be all over this to use the CO PC in LAS regularly…

  10. As a long time chairman at USAirways, it irks me that anyone can get a rate $61 cheaper than their most loyal customers. I phoned and argued with them for a while and they refunded the difference between my $325 rate –(recently renewed) and the current offer of $275. They really should have refunded the percentage off difference instead of the $61 but at least I got something. USAir keeps cutting services and cheaping out and I’m really considering changing to another airline. The front desk staff at the main Charlotte club are so surly that it really makes me want to join another…Even the budget airlines have on board tv, movies and other services that USAir has cut.

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