Is our hobby any more normal?

Earlier, while looking for videos of the infamous Hotel Carter on YouTube, I came across this video:

Basically, the guy seems to be an elevator enthusiast, much in the way that many of us like airplanes. On one hand I’m laughing uncontrollably at the excitement this guy has over elevators. I mean, he visits the Hotel Carter just to try the elevators (not that there’s any other good reason to visit the hotel), noting how smooth they are and how they’re original “Haughtons.” The guy almost seems… nevermind, I’m not going there!

So while it seems crazy to me, I do often ask myself whether our little hobby is any more normal. I mean, I take pictures of the lavatories on airplanes and bathrooms at hotels — what the heck is wrong with me? Yet it seems so normal to me.

Hey either way, the video above is still pretty darn funny in my opinion!


  1. No no, this is just nutz. We do sane things like ordering thousands of dollars in coins and flying to no where just to earn a made up currency called points and will go to a hotel, pay for a night, and not even stay there.

    Uh…. ok we are maybe not so sane after all!

  2. The guy almost certainly has Asperger’s Syndrome. Quite distinctive if you are familiar with it.

    Guys like this are the ones who become super-experts in narrow fields. Some of the people in our world of points have it for sure.

  3. @toomanybooks, interesting comment, I think the difference in the case of elevators is that it is clearly a super narrow field. Travel on the other hand, even the obsession w/ miles and points is quite a bit broader an interest. But, I don’t doubt that there are Aspies among us.

  4. I guess it goes to show, name almost any random item and there’s likely an enthusiast community for it somewhere. My father in law collects antique glass bottles, mostly milk bottles – and is quite excited to tell you all about them. A few of them are kind of pretty but it doesn’t interest me in the slightest but then he has no real interest in traveling anywhere or in airplanes either.

  5. I have noticed many of this, I don’t think it is just a Autism thing. Collecting bottles, filming toilets and etc I see no problem with if it makes a person happy so be it.

    I have an interests with the workings of a swimming pool wave machine as well as elevators.

    That routes to Mechanical Engineering interests in my view.

    I have filmed the pneumatic wave machine in action from poolside, motor room (Plantroom) and inside (Innards) it’s chambers. Many Staff at this pool knows about this and they see no problem with it or it being strange. The Swimming Pool manager said to me, it may be a Bizarre Hobby but someone has to do it. He said that after taking me out of the wave machine’s motor room after leaving cameras in there to film the goings on while swimming due to highly pressurised room.

    This interested was reflected upon when re-visiting this pool at beginning of 2012 due to not swimming for long time and the elevator hobby also carried out there simply because this particular elevator is well remembered from childhood times.

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