Park Hyatt Maldives coming soon!

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned to love about Hyatt in the past year or so that I’ve been a frequent guest with them is how awesome Park Hyatts are. The ability to redeem points and promotional nights at Park Hyatts alone is a reason to stay loyal to the chain. And while there are many great city Park Hyatts, there aren’t many luxury Park Hyatt resorts out there.

Well, apparently as of April 1 the Alila Maldives will be rebranded to a Park Hyatt. And based on all the reviews I’ve read (including on TripAdvisor), the resort is phenomenal.

As far as I can tell, all the rooms at this hotel are villas, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they only allow you to redeem for a night here at the normal price for suites, which is 33,000 points per night for a category six, with a minimum of a three night stay.

Either way, count me in!


  1. True luxury has to be the Aman Resorts and GHM Hotels. Rooms start at 500+ though in practice its usually 700 and up. No rewards program, though I think GHM is part of LHW. Once you have experienced that, everything else is second rate

    That said, I have stayed at a few PH’s, and the service and attention, comes close.

  2. @Mike no doubt a mass market chain is going to have a tough time approaching what’s offered by an Aman property. But for price-value combo it’s hard to beat points bonuses and free night promos redeemed at properties like this. If you don’t have the $$$ to lay down for an Aman property (and I’d certainly prefer one for sure) this is a great second-best!

  3. Don’t agree with number two… GHM and Aman have some great properties and only a few disappointing ones… but you can’t say their properties is better than everything else on the market… Like in Hangzhou and Bali where FS is much better than Aman… and GHM have property in Malaysia which is not that good.. and so on… 🙂

    Kindest, Diego.

  4. @Diego – I meant “the experience” , not the property. Yes, a few Aman and GHM properties are “tired”, but “the experience” from pick up + check in, to drop off, is probably second to none in terms of “wow”

    That said, I will agree with Gary, and the point of my original post.
    Park Hyatt’s come close.

    FS Service seems way too impersonal, ditto for RC’s too. PH got it right. Should be a nice property, esp with private pool villas, if the “service” is up to Park Hyatt standards.

  5. Any guesses as to whether Faster Free Nights (assuming they ever return) will apply to this property?

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