Funniest. Video. Ever.

No clue how to describe it, but it’s hilarious (and so true):

(Tip of the hat to jmd001)


  1. Some postings of this video have warned about swearing in it. But, hey, as far as us Americans are concerned, it’s OK, it’s in a foreign language: English! 😀

  2. In case anyone’s unclear, “jacks” doesn’t refer to electrical or other device connections. Rather, it’s what we in Mheiricea call “the john.”

  3. Thanks, beltway, for the definition of “jacks”. I was wondering about that. Like I say, separated by a common language. 😀

  4. Ah, Fascinating Aida! Aren’t they wonderful? Their stuff is on iTunes…and it’s hilarious. Their song “Lerwick Town” is my personal favourite, after “Cheap Flights” of course.


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