Singapore Airlines suspends A380 service out of Los Angeles

Back in December I posted about Singapore Airlines introducing the Airbus 380 at the end of this month on SQ11/12, which are their flights operating from Los Angeles to Tokyo to Singapore and back. This was both good news and bad news. It was good news because there’s something exciting about seeing more Airbus 380s around, and added capacity is always good for the consumer. Furthermore, Singapore’s cabins on the Boeing 747, which is currently operating the route, aren’t cutting edge anymore. It was bad news because the Airbus 380 features Singapore’s new premium cabins (if they can even be called “new” anymore), and Singapore refuses to release any business or first class award seats to partner airlines if the flight features the new premium cabins.

Nonetheless, back in December when the announcement was made, there were a few days where we could readily book business class on SQ11/12, since the announcement had been made about the switch, but the system still reflected the 747. As a result I made a booking for May, hoping to fly the Airbus 380 in business class.

Anyway, due to decreased demand for travel to Japan, they’ve suspended the switch to the Airbus 380. Instead, the flight will continue to be operated by the 747 through April 15, at which point it will be downgauged to a 777-300ER (featuring Singapore’s new premium cabins) through the end of October.

Anyway, for those of you that did manage to make an award booking on the Airbus 380, be sure to switch your seat assignments now. I initially chose row 17 on the Airbus 380 (which features a lot more personal space), though as soon as I noticed the swap managed to switch to row 11 on the 777-300ER, which might as well be first class based on the amount of personal space. So if you can snag row 11 or 14, by all means go for it before the seats are gone!

Given that the award I booked is the start of “mega trip two,” I won’t be canceling this one, since I have four separate reservations spread across alliances as part of the same trip.

Row 11 on the Singapore 777-300ER from a previous trip

Row 11 on the Singapore 777-300ER from a previous trip


  1. Interesting, and bad news. I was looking forward to trying out the 380 business class product.

    The Singapore Air schedule still lists the 380 as the equipment, as does my reservation at

    A part of me hopes you are wrong this time. Has SA confirmed the change?

  2. OK, thanks very much for the heads-up. I called and got us 11 D&F for our flight.

    Still would prefer the 380, but oh well.

  3. On SQ’s website, they claim they’re using a 747-400 on this route, delaying intro of A380.

  4. i booked on the a 380 for march 27 with the introduction of the 380 on the lax -sin route but as soon as i heard the news that they have retracted thew old boeing 747 i called sq to confirm and yes sq confirmed they are retracting back yo boeing 747-400 but didnot make sense to me cos boeinbg 747-400 is also huge . i booked because of the attraction of a 380

  5. @ Ken 747-400 Denver — Correct, it is a 747, until April 15, when they switch it to a 777-300ER.

  6. Oh so singapore airlines will get even a smaller plane from april 15. Singapore airlines has been behaving very indiffently lately and I woudl be happy if it shrinks and goes out fo business. I had bookeed on the march 27 th now the exitement is over because the Airbus 380 is no longer there. I can fly any other airlines but never on singapore airlines again.

  7. I never liked singapore airlines at all I flown emirates and it’s good for price and the service is good try it I had booked on the airbus 380 on march 27 but they cancelled it now the enthusiams is over dissapointment afterall I ask whats so great about a 380 and whats so great about singapore airlines we can do without it just think about the p[eople in japan after the tsunami

  8. I booked SQ to fly to India for a vacation, I was getting cheaper fares on cathay instead went with SQ because of the A380, later found out about the start up delay, I am totally disappointed for their delay in starting A380 service between LAX and SIN, I even sent out emails to the SQ headquarters.

    This is indeed a bad news for all the A380 fans.

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