US Airways’ Special Dividends benefits for 2011

US Airways has announced their Special Dividends benefits for this year, which are basically bonuses you get for passing certain elite milestones other than the ones for elite qualification. The bonuses are as follows:

35,000 miles/45 segments
Nominate a Trial Silver Preferred member
US Airways Club day pass
‘World of Wine’ wine club discount
DM Dining VIP status

60,000 miles/75 segments
Add your spouse or domestic partner to your US Airways Club membership
‘Elevant Society’ wine club discount
FTD gift certificate

85,000 miles/105 segments
Nominate a Silver Preferred member
First Class upgrades on award travel

125,000 miles/150 segments
A free US Airways Club membership
Nominate a Gold Preferred member

150,000 miles/180 segments
Nominate an additional Gold Preferred member

175,000 miles/210 segments
Nominate an additional Gold Preferred member

200,000 miles/240 segments
Nominate an additional Gold Preferred member

That’s actually really, really rewarding (assuming all that flying doesn’t make you anti-social and not have friends to nominate to elite status anymore).

Sadly, all the while I haven’t heard about any Elite Choice program from United for this year.

(Tip of the hat to Derek)


  1. I really hope UA brings back elite choice! Guess this is a change that we are supposed to like…

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