Do you bring your own plunger to hotels?

It’s TripAdvisor reviews like this that make me happy I don’t work in the hotel industry. Now, I wouldn’t even know about the review if it weren’t for the person cross-posting it on FlyerTalk, “warning” us that Hyatt searches hotel rooms.

Long story short, this person and her husband were staying at a Hyatt Place in Fort Lauderdale on a Priceline stay (big shocker!). She and her husband have a tendency to “stockpile” things, it seems. They “hide” towels, washcloths, tissues, and toiletries, so that they get replenished even if not used, just in case they end up having a need for them. They were absolutely outraged when the hotel dared to remove the “hidden” items from the room, citing that they have a lot of theft.

Some of my favorite lines:

“I always use the extra hand towels to line the sink counters (there were two sinks here). I tend to splash a lot when I wash so this keeps the water from going all over the floors.”

“I put two bath towels in a clean garbage bag, tied it up with a bow tie and placed it at the very bottom far corner of the closet.”

“In this particular room there were three small drawers, one being almost used up by a large hair dryer and another so dirty I didn’t want to store clean towels there. Before we left the room that morning I had one box of tissues and two clean hand towels in the dresser drawers.”

“Everything came tumbling out of the frig and the juice spilled all over the place. We lost the money we paid for the juice and had to spend quite a while cleaning the place up.”

And my absolute favorite:

“While we were stooped on the floor we noticed that the toilet plunger we always carry with us (I have a tendency to clog toilets – in some hotels it’s close to impossible to get someone to come and unclog the toilet in the middle of the night) had been uncovered and moved.”

Oy, and of course the duty manager was incredibly incompetent and didn’t “understand” their point — go figure, who could?

And the kicker:

“To my complete horror , upon my return from this hotel, I discovered that I booked 12 additional nights at this hotel in June / July of 2011, again through Priceline (we do a lot of travel now and I usually book several months in advance – this booking was done well before my first stay (March 2011) at this HYATT. I know Priceline doesn’t usually let you change your reservation on name your own price hotels. I’m going to try to muster up all the energy I have to beg or plead with Priceline. . . Wish me luck.”

Oh, the horror!

And the duty manager even offered them compensation…


  1. People just expect too much and are too busy trying to get something for nothing. You should expect a clean room at the rate you agreed upon. This habit of people stealing stuff just increases the charges for the rest of us.

    If you are “storing” towels in a garbage bag, I think you are doing more than just “storing” them.

    I use TripAdvisor reviews to plan all of my international trips and haven’t had a bad or disappointing stay anywhere. You just need to ignore certain reviews since some have an ax to grind.

  2. the plunger thing is the weirdest thing I’ve ever read on tripadvisor. Still scratching my head on this one.

  3. I always bring 3 or 4 shower heads in case the installed one isn’t to my liking.

    I plan to pick up a single-control faucet because I just HATE those two-knobbers.

  4. Who the hell in the world takes a F*CKING TOILET PLUNGER with them on holiday?

    And …. seriously a BATH MAT in the FRIG?

    Whatever next?

    A kettle in the BEDRUUM?
    An ironing board in the TOILUT?
    A waiter in the SINGUL bed?


  5. Glad I carry that ‘inflatable” plunger I always have in my carry-on bag….you just never know! Also, this Hyatt Place in Ft. Lauderdale is one of my favorites….I invite my relatives to stop by for their ‘included’ breakfast whenever I stay there….it is a fun way to start the day, although the manager some times questions us and wants to see room keys!!!

  6. It all sounds exhaustive! In addition to all the things like clothes and toiletries one requires on a trip…the extra things like a plunger would make packing impossible. I couldn’t even imagine flying and trying to figure out how to properly pack a plunger in my carry on luggage!

  7. What? They only travel with ONE plunger? What if it needs to be replenished? Better pack a few extras next time.

  8. I always carry a spare hotel with me in case I don’t like the one I am booked into.

    Jeez, some people are a few jewels short of a crown!

  9. I have written 187 reviews on TA and have read many more. I have NEVER heard of anything this ridiculous! I feel like writing that poor duty manager and telling him what a saint he is.

    People that travel with plungers should just stay home. Good grief.

  10. HOLY C$#! I thought this was different complaints, I almost fell off my chair when I realized all this came from one person.

    Either this person is very funny or needs a lot of therapy!

  11. I’m just trying to imagine what the TSA agent who has to inspect her bag thinks when the plunger comes out…

    Frankly, if you need to carry a plunger because you have “a tendency to clog toilets”, you need to cut back on the fibre a little. (Or just eat less, period?) And perhaps just splash a little less in the shower?

    Absolutely insane!

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