1. Incredible isn’t it. I love their steam showers too – perfect relaxation before a long flight.

  2. It’s a great lounge

    The food in the restaurant isn’t too bad, if a little uninteresting.

    Going up to the open air area is quite nice; just try and do it by day, since the night view is too dark to be impressive.

  3. An artchitect friend of mine described the place as follows, “This place is too cool to describe – an architect’s dream of Platner, Eames, Corbusier and Austin Powers. Floating ceilings with indirect lighting, a sixty foot long bar with backlit onyx top, pool tables, flat screens, saunas, waiters and waitresses buzzing about…”

    Not a refined place, but very cool indeed…

  4. Make sure you get a haircut and massage, then a fine meal, and play some video games before boarding your flight. I have heard this place is spectacular.

  5. Going to be there in June (thanks to your sugestion of going with VS on my LHR-ORD segment)!

    Those lounge pics look wonderful, are they taken with your knew Canon?

  6. Yep, Americans have no idea how poorly they are served by their Frequent Flyer programs until they leave the United States.

    I could not believe how awful some of the business lounges are in the US, (and that people will pay $450 a year for an Amex card to get into them) – a room with some pretzel sticks and a coffee machine in it does not make a lounge!

  7. surprised this is your first visit to the Club House.
    I love to get a nice shower after a flight from Asia, & before my next flight to US.

    Then chill out with a drink in any number of spots. Sadly always too cold to up to the outside deck

  8. Is this place better then Kris lounge in SIN?

    I love to take a hot shower whenever I go to NRT,HKG,SIN and ICN. feel so fresh after.

  9. Is it better than the Kris lounge, heck yes. In the VS LHR clubhouse you can even play 1980s Space Invader games, beat your buddy at pool, sink in the jacuzzi with a (plastic) glass of champagne, get your hair trimmed, or have a shave, or your toes pedicured … or eat, drink, be merry; go sight seeing on the roof deck, have sushi from the deli, or a full meal in the restaurant, shoes need shining – that’ll be easy!

    And ask the barman for a champagne mojito, they’re killer (just not always at 7 am because sometimes the fresh mint hasn’t been delivered yet!).

    I don’t even work for VS, but when I fly on them, I go to the clubhouse hours before my flight.

  10. This is not the fanciest/most refined lounge by any stretch, but it is, without question, the most entertaining airport lounge in the world.

  11. @Karung99 – the Kris lounge in SIN is nice, however, the VS lounge is London is more intimate and cook-to-order food. Plus free spa massages and he haircut if you desired. It just feels very private.

  12. Wow! That is amazing!
    We sure are screwed in the US.
    Even if airlines had lounges like this in just NYC, LA, Chicago, DC and SFO etc would be amazing

    The Qantas First lounge in Sydney is pretty amazing too

  13. In addition they also have the revivals lounge for arriving VAA Gold and Upper customers. Whilst it doesnt match the Clubhouse, it is nice enough and includes private shower rooms and a massge. It was a real shock moving to the US and putting up with American lounges!

    Now if only VAA miles were worth anything I might not have switched to United.

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