You have a nice day too!

Sheesh, seriously? Was just given this at the Crowne Plaza London Heathrow…


  1. Maybe ass means something different in England? Like they incorrectly call an “elevator” a “lift.” Maybe they use “ass” for “wifi” over there? 😉

  2. I had a friend who ordered a vanity plate using family initials. It was turned down for “bad language”

    He told me he had to ask around at work (Wall st bank) for quite a while to find someone who knew what it meant. Apparently it was South African slang in the theme of this thread.

    Sorry, I don’t remember (might not ever have known) what it was.

  3. I know I shouldn’t laugh but I did.
    Unfortunately our system churns out the internet codes automatically. Otherwise there could be some fun had!

    Reservations Manager – Crowne Plaza London Heathrow

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