“ZING” retracted!

A couple of days ago I posted about how my upcoming stay at an InterContinental showed as being upgraded to a presidential suite on an award stay. Well, unfortunately it was too good to be true. The 1,400 square feet suite just wasn’t meant to be. Instead I’m (apparently) now upgraded to the “royal suite,” which seems to be the top suite, at 2,200 square feet. I guess I was a fool for thinking a “presidential suite” in the Middle East would actually be the best room in the hotel. 😉

I’m not gonna lie, the thought of a 2,200 square foot suite (at least when I’m alone) freaks me out…

Will report back later this evening!


  1. At least you’ll have good views of the Persian Gulf. And while you’re in Doha, do try some Persian cuisine if you get tired of the local Arabic stuff. Try Isfahan Gardens – it’s so authentic that it not only attracts the Iranian ambassador, but the Emir of Qatar has his own Royal Room.

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