Details of Hyatt’s second quarter promotion

Gold Passport Concierge has finally shared the details of Hyatt’s much, much, much, much anticipated (at least by me) second quarter promotion:

We’re excited to announce details of the Hyatt Gold Passport promotion! Starting 4/1, members who stay 5 eligible nights at any Hyatt worldwide will earn 10,000 bonus points, plus an extra 5,000 bonus points for every 2 additional eligible nights through 6/30. Starting on 3/31, visit to register. If you have any questions, please let us know.

For the average guest, this is the same thing as the Great 10K, which was their fourth quarter promotion last year. They basically only redistributed when you earn the points.

Hey, at least we have something. I doubt anyone will be especially impressed by the promotion, but then again, Hyatt really doesn’t need to impress on the promotion front right now, as they have a great loyalty program with excellent in-hotel benefits, and none of the other chains have any compelling promotions. The biggest frustration here is the lack of “G” bonuses for stays, which often translated to an extra 1,500-2,000 points per stay. Also, while they originally said the promotion would launch in March, I guess it’s actually April.

Look, Hyatt’s awesome and this is a fine promotion. I just feel like it was drawn out a bit too much, which naturally raises expectations. Basically, the past few weeks have been like watching the Food Network while at the gym right before dinner time.


  1. Nobody pays attention anymore, right? 🙂

    There are G* bonuses, they just aren’t on the web site. You have to call the property and inquire about them. For example, SFO Hyatt told me they have G1 this month. Somebody else called two other properties and were told they have them also. Hyatt needs to get their web-site act together.


  2. So, for a 1 night stay during this promo at SFO Hyatt, you could get G1 (1000), 1W (1000) and 2000 points or more for this promo + base + elite bonus points. The first 2 are per stay, this one is per night.


  3. Now GP Concierge is saying that there are no G1/G2/G3 bonuses now, so I have no idea what’s going on there. It is unprecedented for them to have no G1/G2/G3 bonuses as far as I know, and there is a property that lists a G1/G2/G3 bonus and properties tell us they have them if you call them.

    At this point, your guess is as good as mine.


  4. Im kinda stuck to Hilton this year. My wife needs the kitchen at the Homewood Suites and there is no Summerfield Suites in range. So I am waiting for the Q2 Hilton deal. I hope its as good for me as the Q1 4x bonus. I do want to try and re-claim Hyatt Diamond this year somehow…

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