Jet Airways added as a US Airways Dividend Miles partner

According to the Business Standard, US Airways and Jet Airways have initiated a frequent flyer partnership as of March 4, allowing members to earn and redeem miles on both carriers. In theory this is great news for US Airways Dividend Miles members. Jet Airways has excellent service and fairly decent award availability, and open up another option between North America and Europe, as they fly from Newark, New York JFK, and Toronto, to Brussels, with continuing service to India.

There are two questions this raises. First of all, will there be a separate award chart with different (probably more expensive) pricing for Jet Airways awards, or will they just use the Star Alliance award chart? Second of all, will they let you mix Star Alliance partners and Jet Airways on a single award, or will you not be able to mix airlines when flying Jet Airways? For example, Continental lets you mix all their partners (so you could have Emirates, Virgin Atlantic, and Star Alliance all on one award), while United will only let you fly the partner airline when you’re on a partner award (which is different than a Star Alliance award).

Either way, the more airline partnerships, the merrier!


  1. Well unless Jet-airways joins *A, I dont see any mixing of other partners. Similar to their partnership with AA

  2. @ lelee — American actually DOES let you mix partners, so you could have Jet Airways, Alaska Airlines, and a OneWorld carrier on a single “all partner” award (though not the distance based OneWorld awards). Delta, United, and many others, don’t let you mix carriers.

    @ Ryan — ROFL!

  3. I’m interested to hear the details as well. However, Delta does allow you to mix non alliance partners- I recently booked a Delta, Air France and Kingfisher award to India

    It’s just a shame there isn’t an online tool to check Jet availability

  4. Lucky – US only has a partner award chart, they do not have an award chart for Star partners and a separate one for non-Star (Virgin Atlantic). That could obviously change, but it is specifically called the “Dividend Miles Partner Awards” chart.

    Have you ever booked a Star and non-Star partner on an US ticket ? I think Virgin would be the only one possible maybe ?


  5. You can only book VS economy awards with US Dividend miles. That doesn’t really make the US-VS partnership very appealing to me.

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