Hyatt finally breaks the silence — promotion coming by March 15

I know, maybe I’m getting a bit excited over Hyatt’s upcoming promotion, though the silence is killing me. I feel like a giddy six year old on Christmas Eve. Anyway, Hyatt has broken the silence on Facebook, and written that we can expect the promotion to be announced no later than March 15.

In a way I feel bad for Hyatt, because I think all of the anticipation has raised our expectations so much that it’ll be hard to meet them (though no doubt after last year, our expectations are unrealistically high). I’m happy with whatever bone they throw our way. I doubt the promotion will be “mattress runnable,” but I guess we’ll see. I certainly feel like the people at my local Hyatt miss me. Then again, at least I don’t have to come up with a new lie every couple of days about why I’m staying at their hotel despite living only a few miles away.


  1. That’s about as useful as the last announcement saying a promotion was coming in March. Gee, why all the secrecy?

  2. @Tim, thanks for relaying the info. If this is the full promo, it is laughable. Hyatt would be better off to NOT offer a promo then offer a promo that is so lacking in value.

  3. Why can’t they bring back the 10,000 for five nights promotion? That was the one that got me out of my house and into the Hyatt 25 times last year.

  4. @Lucky — You are so right, why bother with such a totally lame promotion? Let’s hope Tim is JK.

  5. Ditto. That promo is laughable. I think I am going to switch to Marriott now.
    Wait that’s a joke too.

  6. Still no word on G1/G2/G3? This is really unprecedented to not have any G1/G2/G3 bonuses.


  7. Tim- FYI your scoop is wrong. Per Hyatt GP on Facebook:
    “Stay More, Play More is not the spring offer from Hyatt Gold Passport. This is a current offer at various Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, like Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa ( and Hyatt Regency McCormick Place ( We’ll share the details of the Hyatt Gold Passport global promotion no later than March 15.”

  8. Hi Points Guys – I must have got that one wrong. Thanks for the double check and clarification…. Post has been clarified and will be removed later today

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