50% bonus on Diners Club transfers to British Airways Executive Club

For those of you that are old school, Diners Club is offering a 50% transfer bonus to British Airways Executive Club through May 2, 2011.


  1. With all the partners Diners has lost, and how few promos they run these days, I’m actually tempted to clean out my Diners Club Rewards account with this offer. Though I’m generally hesitant to ever take advantage of transfer bonuses without specific uses for the points in mind, I prefer the flexibility, and Diners DOES have some oddball partners not easily replicated elsewhere.

  2. I miss the 100% transfer days when I could exchange my AA and UA miles 1 for 1 into BA miles.

    And I also miss the days when USA to Australia via Europe and Asia in First Class was 150,000 miles.

    I had some good “old school” trips on BA using Diners Club.

  3. Lucky,

    I have around 150,000 points with Diners and don’t really use the card much anymore.
    If you were to redeem them is it better to:
    1. Get the 50% bonus and end up with ~ 225,000 in British Air (whom I’ve never flown so I’m not familiar with their reward system other than some high fees on reward tickets).
    2. Transfer them to Aeroplan on a 1-1 basis. It sounds like they have a nice reward plan.
    3. Other options are programs such as AA, Delta, SAS, Virgin, Alaska, etc.

    I’d like to cancel the card and avoid the annual fee although the drawback to that is that it might be a negative to my credit score since the account is older than most others I have.

    Any ideas? Usually most of my award trips are to Europe. I wouldn’t mind a trip to Australia but I’m not sure if I could handle that long of a trip. Most of Asia doesn’t really interest me.

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