The DOT fines American over fees related to bump vouchers

Finally the DOT is fining an airline for something they really did wrong. I remember getting bumped off an American Airlines flight a couple of years back, and scored a $300 voucher. As it turns out, the only way to redeem it was by ticketing at the airport, which comes with a $30 fee. While United has the same procedure, they waive the ticketing fee when you’re using a voucher, as it should be, given that you have no other option for redeeming it. It really is pretty disingenuous to charge that fee, since it’s not a $300 voucher I got, but a $270 voucher.

Well, the Department of Transportation fined American $90,000 due to the lack of disclosure regarding this.

That was well deserved, in my opinion.

(Tip of the hat to Katie)


  1. Serves them right. Interestingly enough, CO’s vouchers are electronic, I think this should be coming to UA soon, I presume.

  2. I did the Ticket by Mail. Had $600 in AA vouchers. Instead of sending certified mail, I paid for $500 in insurance (max limit for USPS) figuring that I would take $500 in cash if it got lost. Cheapest option for me. Much cheaper than paying $30pp ticketing at the airport. Itineraries got ticketed, no problem.

    Now that I’m Exec Plat, I don’t have to pay to ticket at the airport or by phone.

  3. I am AA EXP, and hearing that AA did that just makes me find them disgusting! This fine is very well deserved… They expect to take away $30 from every bump compensation and get away with it? Oh HELLZ NO!

  4. @no82escourt Presumably though there was still some cost to you for doing a ticket-by-mail. At least 44 cents plus the insurance cost.

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