Etihad Airways has their marketing down…

I love the airline industry and I love marketing, so put the two together, and you have one of my favorite things out there: airline marketing!

Browsing airline commercials on YouTube over the weekend (no, I’m not usually that nerdy, but one thing lead to another), I couldn’t help but notice how good Etihad Airways’ commercials are.

I especially liked this one:

Does it do a lot to promote the features of their product? Nope. But it actually made me want to fly the airline, even in… coach! And this is just a couple of days before my trip on Qatar Airways, so that’s saying quite a bit.

Their newer ad was also pretty cool:


  1. I like the second spot better. There doesn’t seem to be much diversity in those campaigns, however. One minute, thirty seconds seems like an expensive slot to buy for an airline commercial if it airs on tv!

  2. i prefer the first one. the 2nd one focuses too much on ahd which doesn’t seem worthwhile considering how little O&D traffic ethiad can expect.

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