Ever-so-small Hyatt website gripe

One of the things I love about Hyatt’s website is that they describe all the room types for each hotel on their wesbsite. That’s insanely useful, since you can see what kind of an upgrade you can reasonably expect (“best non-suite upgrade”), or if you choose to use a Diamond confirmed suite upgrade, you can figure out what a “standard” suite is.

And it’s because they’re good in that way that I’m going to pick on them just a little. They offer pictures of most of their room types on the website, though some of them are so frustratingly useless! For example, I’m using an expiring Diamond suite upgrade at the Andaz Wall Street soon, and it seems I was booked into an “Andaz Suite.” I was excited that there was a link to a picture of the suite, only to find this as the picture:

Not all that useful, if you ask me! The same is true for rooms at the Grand Hyatt Tampa. For some room types, this is one of the two pictures:

Nice to know I can expect such a lovely sink… and lotion!

Anyway, it’s a slow news day and my brain is a bit dead on this Sunday evening, though this is one of those things that makes me lose sleep… kind of like the pronunciation of the word “Colonel.”


  1. The AA 75k link expires tomorrow. That is news. Plus according to Flyertalk you can sign up for 2 personal and 1 business all at the same time.

  2. I wouldn’t mind some stupid pictures on the Hyatt website….. if they could just host it on a server that worked!

  3. Coins, I’ve always found that with hotel pictures … no picture = major disappointment. Ha. Now that I think of it, even with a picture I’ve been disappointed!

  4. Hey, catching up on your posts today… do you ever use the Virtual Tours? I think all Hyatts have 360 degrees virtual tours of all of their room types!

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