Anxiously awaiting Hyatt’s second quarter promotion!

After Hyatt’s insanely generous promotions last year, I’m now a loyal customer, since they do have a very good (and consistent) product. While I’m not expecting the promotions to be quite as lucrative this year, I am expecting something. While they didn’t offer a promotion in the first quarter, they have said all along that there will be a promotion coming in March.

Now, ultimately this is complete speculation on my part, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the promotion is announced on Monday or Tuesday. Again, that’s total, uninformed speculation, but that would make sense to me.

So the big question remains, what kind of a promotion will they offer? I don’t expect it will be any form of “Faster Free Nights” (essentially make two stays, get one night free), though I do expect we’ll see that later in the year. If I had to speculate I’d guess it’s going to be somewhat similar to the Great 10K promotion they ran in the fourth quarter of last year, which offered 10,000 bonus points for every five qualifying nights. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it based on stays (as opposed to nights), though, and as a result be a bit more rewarding (maybe 15,000-20,000 bonus points for every five stays)?

Anyone else care to speculate on what we’ll see?


  1. Personally, I liked the Great 10K. If it had gone to 12/31, I’d have gotten 70K from it.. I only got 30K, but that’s 30K more than I had. Let me get a few free nights at the Park Hyatt Paris.. FFN would be nice, but I’d prefer the points promo.

  2. probably doubtful that they would 2x stay credits? that would be useful for requalifying for Diamond – the great 10k would be underwhelming …

  3. How about March 1 – June 30 Faster Free Nights? I would really increase my Hyatt bookings by leaps and bounds, but I am expecting to be disappointed by Hyatt’s promos. If they surprise me with a great promo, then it would be wonderful.

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