50% off the Heathrow Express (Express Class only)

I shared this code in my recent post about the upcoming award I’m taking on Virgin Atlantic and Qatar Airways, but since it was buried in the comments section, I figure it’s probably worth a separate post. Anyway, use code HXJBA5 for 50% off your next Express Class ticket on the Heathrow Express. I know it was the tiebreaker for me between staying at a hotel near Paddington and staying at one near Heathrow while in transit. At £16 roundtrip, it’s not that much more than BART in San Francisco…


  1. What a great thing to post lucky! I only wish I could have used this for my January trip to London, but maybe there will be an opportunity for a summer trip.

  2. BTW, do not stay at Heathrow hotels as you will waste more time and money going to and from the airport hotel than staying in town. You likely have to spend money on the hotel hoppa bus to go to and from the airport at £3-4 each way. If you miss the bus and are short on time, then you will spend money on a cab fare that will likely be £15. Even if you have to spend full fare for the Heathrow Express, you will be better off going into town and seeing something if only for a few hours.

  3. Absolutely right regarding London Heathrow hotels — they are uniformly abysmal and it’s expensive and such a hassle to get to them. Heathrow Express places you directly in the heart of the lovely UK capital, with everything that has to offer.

    It’s quite a bit more than San Francisco’s BART (I think it’s $8 each way from San Francisco to SFO?), but £16 versus $16 is probably an accurate reflection of the overall cost of living differential between those two cities.

  4. Since we are talking about London does anyone have any good tips about hotels that are in a good location and a decent price? We are going in May and will be arriving and departing from Gatwick (lower cost and was able to get upgrades). We will be there 8 nights.

  5. @Rich

    If you’re just going for tourism purposes, you will probably be able to find a suitable hotel via priceline.com using biddingfortravel.com or betterbidding.com to inform your bid. It’s hard to find a 4* hotel in central London for around $100 otherwise.

  6. although London is expensive, thats a great coupon. Although HEX only gets you to Paddington (we usually fly into LHR and then take Virgin Trains from Euston to Liverpool to see family), it usually works out better than taking the tube – HEX is so fast (like 10-15 minutes) – the price kills it though. With the coupon, HEX is a no brainer unless you are going somewhere that is on the Piccadilly line.

  7. also agree re London hotels – if you have Hyatt points, the Churchill is in a great location and is being rehabbed as well.

    I heart London …

  8. depends if money is an issue. To some it is not. But to say “don’t stay at the heathrow hotels” without factoriing in the economics of a $300 Saturday night London stay, is ridiculous. I stayed at a four star hotel last night at Heathrow, upgraded to a club room, for $47ai. Including the Hoppa bus round trip of $11 (7 pounds), that’s a steal.

  9. Thanks for the code! Perfect timing – we’re heading out to London on Tuesday. We’re staying at the IC for the first few nights, which is on the Piccadilly line, so we’ll just take the tube for that, but then we transfer to the Landmark in Marylebone, so the HEX will be perfect for flying back on Sunday.

  10. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t expect to find a rate of $100. I figured $150-200 a night would be more likely for a respectable place in a city like London.

  11. is there an expiry date or any restrictions? I just tried it and it still gave me the regular rate.

  12. I will be between flights 10 hours in london, arrive and departure from heathrow. Never been there, what should I visit?? I really want to see picadilly & soccer stadium & notting hill…. what do you think?? thanks!

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