Lufthansa’s sexy new first class on the A340…

I’ve posted about the changes Lufthansa is making to their 747 first class (reducing the number of seats from 16 to 8), though it seems that Lufthansa is making some changes to their A330/340 first class cabins as well. It won’t be as drastic as on the 747, though the first class seats on the A330/340 will look very similar to the ones currently on the A380.

Check out the pictures posted on of Lufthansa’s first A340-600 with the “new” first class seats. Very elegant, in my opinion! Best of all, it doesn’t come at the expense of any first class seats, unlike on the 747.



  1. Mmm that’s hot! Germans know how to make some sexy looking “things”…would you agree with me Lucky?

  2. Is it just me or dose the real pictures look nothing like the computer generated models, I actually thought the huge area you see on the model beside the seats were beds.

  3. @ Sam — The seats on the 747 are different than the ones on the Airbus aircraft. The 747 does indeed have a seat and then a bed next to it.

  4. what is the ETA for 744 and 346 conversion? and is it going to be “random” roll out or on specific routes?

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