So, about that United flight from Houston to Lima…

Back in November, I wrote about the cross fleeting that was starting to occur between United and Continental, specifically on the Houston to Lima route that United was taking over from Continental as of February 17.

Despite Lima not technically being in “region one” (which is eligible for complimentary upgrades), I had nonetheless suggested that they would offer complimentary upgrades on this route. I said:

I’d be willing to guarantee that this flight will now be eligible for complimentary upgrades.

After all, United is operating this route with a domestic 767-300 (with 34 first class seats), and I do believe United has a conscience.

More than a couple of you (via comments on that post and via email) told me I was crazy:

hahaha. Want to bet?


Lucky, can you at least fact check yourself? Last time I checked, Lima, Peru is in South America, which is in Region 2, not Region 1. Since this is an UA flight, UDU does not apply, and either SWU or miles are required for upgrade.

So, what’s my compensation from the gurantee? 😉

Well, according to this FlyerTalk thread I was right. United and Continental elites are eligible for complimentary upgrades on this new route.

Hmm, now if only I could remember what we agreed to bet… 😉


  1. Was waiting for you to jump on this…my handle is all over that thread. I’m 2 for 2 so far IAH-LIM and LIM-IAH on UDU.

  2. wow, that’s a huge surprise, it sounds like the recipe for a bit of a disaster to me, since people will think they’re entitled to complementary upgrades to South American, and will start complaining when they don’t get to sit int the lie flat seats for free.

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