Delta now publishing award charts for departures from all regions

One of the many frustrations people have had with Delta for a long time is that they only published award charts for travel originating in the US. In other words, for those originating elsewhere, there was zero transparency as far as award pricing goes. Well, it seems they’ve listened on this front, as they now have award charts published for departures out of all regions, which can be found here.

Of course SkyMiles is still an uncompetitive program in almost every way, though at least they’re now ever-so-slightly more transparent.

(Tip of the hat to Steven)


  1. I don’t understand all the DL hating that goes on here, Skymiles are actually quite useful if you know what you’re doing. I may sound cruel, but the less transparent and difficult it is to use for the average traveler, the better it is for award experts like you and I. You could get some fantastic awards on a lot of nice airlines with Skymiles. YYZ-ICN-DPS on KE in C, and YYZ-CDG on AF in C(A380) are some of the awards I’ve been able to get, all for low award levels. It has potentially some of the best earn to burn ratio out there.

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