Rooms by the hour at the Le Parker Meridien New York

According to the New York Post, the Le Parker Meridien New York has started offering rooms by the hour. You can get a room from 11AM till 3PM for $150. For $250, they’ll throw in champagne, strawberries, and an adult movie.

I guess that takes “mattress run” to a whole new level…


  1. I just checked out of that hotel today. Sex-havers, enjoy having the obsessively irritating housekeeping staff knocking and CALLING YOU from phones just outside your door to find out when they can get in and service the room. I wish that for $150 I could have bought some peace and quiet; the cutesy “FUGHEDDABOUTIT” door hanger doesn’t work.

  2. That is really GROSS!! Is this not what the cum-motels off Times Sq are for??? Not some upscale french hotel….then again, it is French! They’re very liberal when it comes to sex, but this is a little distasteful. Plus Ive seen rooms on for $200 + per night.

    Ewwww, this just makes the hotel look bad!!

    btw – Most, or at least some Hilton and SPG hotels will either half your rate or comp if you check out after a few hours or before midnight!

  3. There are many hotels now offering this kind of service, rooms by the hour, others are actually luxury hotels. I’ve read an article about or and they offer the same.

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