Join us for a flight with Captain Denny on Saturday, March 26!

There’s a reason I told you to keep your calendars open for Saturday, March 26. I’ve mentioned Captain Denny Flanagan an endless number of times on the blog. He’s one of the United pilots that’s known as a “customer service captain.” He takes hospitality to a whole new level as discussed in this FlyerTalk thread, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, ABC News, and a countless number of other sources. You can even watch an Early Show segment about him here.

I’ve had the pleasure of flying with him more than a few times, and even sharing a few meals with him during layovers, and he really is as great as the articles make him sound. What we like most about him, of course, is that he actually likes people that like to fly. Most people look at us like we’re crazy, while he embraces our little “hobby.”

Well, two years ago a big group of us flew with him on a flight from Chicago to San Francisco. 34 of us, to be exact, and we occupied 30 of the 34 first class seats on the 767. The flight was a blast, and Captain Denny even arranged for the callsign of the flight to be changed to “FlyerTalk 1 Heavy” (which led to some hilarious confusion, as air traffic control thought we were “FlyerHawk 1″). Anyway, these kinds of group mileage runs are great fun, so why not try and repeat the event from a couple of years ago?

With all that out of the way, our next group mileage run on Captain Denny’s flight will be on Saturday, March 26 from San Francisco to Chicago. It will be United 760, to be exact, departing at 1:15PM. Economy Plus is wide open, so that’s likely where the party will be, if most of us don’t get our upgrades (I’m not using a confirmed upgrade instrument, since I would actually prefer to be in coach, where I assume most people will be).

To kick off the weekend, we’ll be having an SFO-area dinner on Friday night with Captain Denny (probably at around 8PM, allowing people plenty of time to get to the Bay Area), and I’m sure we’ll have festivities Saturday morning near SFO and Saturday night near ORD as well.

I realize it’s spring break time and the fares are high, but trust me folks, you won’t want to miss this. Not only do we get to fly with Captain Denny, but it’ll be a fun crowd of mileage runners as well.

Not sold yet? Listen to the Channel 9 audio from two years ago (courtesy of bmvaughn), especially the first five minutes, to get an idea of what this’ll be like. Yes, the purser tells us on the PA that “we need to get out a little more.” Heh.

So, who’s in? C’mon, you know you want to! Spread the word please, and even drag a friend along if need be!


  1. Thanks.. Do you know what, if any, activities will occur in ORD? Debating whether I should fly to MCI on Saturday night, or Sunday morning.

  2. @ Pat — C’mon, Pat! Cancel the mileage run and book this, you know you want to!

    @ FriendlySkies — Likely just an informal dinner or perhaps minibar crawl at the InterContinental O’Hare. So nothing particularly exciting, though if you have the time, by all means stick around.

  3. I’d like to try this too but do you have any more info on where everyone should stay in SFO, how to route with the “group” on other segments, etc.?

  4. ATC: Whats Flyertalk?
    DF: A group of Aviation enthusiast. <best come back ever

    Dan says: Haha.
    Wonder what those ATC guys were thinking??

  5. Hi Ben,

    I’ll be in the Bay Area that week at work.

    I’m in for the dinner nr SFO on Friday night.


  6. Heh, you guys need to get more creative in routing to bring down the price… the last time some of us had to do JFK-IAD-RIC-ORD-SFO-JFK… what was it, like $240? ahh the good ole days!

  7. This sounds like fun. I’m not a UA elite though 🙁 – it sounds like most people are, so I should shell out the extra $ to get a seat in that zone?

  8. @ JetAway — I think most will likely stay at the Hyatt Regency SFO. We’ll probably be able to get as many people as would like access into the club lounge for breakfast or the evening before. In Chicago I’m doing the InterContinental O’Hare, and will gladly host a minibar party, if y’all would like.

    @ gomike — Flying in via LA the night before.

    There’s now a thread on FlyerTalk, so if you’re an FT member, please state your availability there!

  9. Trying to figure out how to make this work for less than $500 🙂
    Sounds great even though I’m not a UA flyer.

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