Free internet for InterContinental Royal Ambassadors as of March 1, 2011!

While I haven’t seen a corporate announcement about this, the InterContinental Tel Aviv posted the following on their Facebook wall today:

If true (which I assume it is), this is great news, and long overdue. In practice, many (most?) InterContinental hotels already offer Royal Ambassador members free internet, though it will be nice to have it as a consistent benefit. Besides, the hotels that seemed to not offer internet for free were mostly in Europe and Asia, where internet seems to be the most expensive.

Now, I assume this benefit technically only applies on revenue stays, which is my one major frustration with InterContinental — per their terms and conditions, you don’t get elite benefits on award stays. They’re the only hotel chain with this policy, and I find it to be downright silly. In practice most hotels honor elite benefits on award stays, so I don’t see why they can’t just implement that as a consistent benefit. After all, we work so hard to earn those points, why give us a sub-par experience when we actually redeem for a “reward?” It’s actually one of the reasons I’ve grown to love Hyatt: on an award stay my experience is just as good as on a revenue stay, while at InterContinental I occasionally get scoffed at by the front desk for suggesting I should get something on a “free” stay.


  1. I’m still surprised that ICH doesn’t offer free Internet for Ambassadors. After all they’ve already paid to enter the program and Hyatt gives it free to Platinums!

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