US Airways brings back 100% bonus on purchased miles through March 31 (for those in the US)

After a bit of a hiatus, US Airways has brought back their 100% bonus promotion for buying miles through March 31, though with an asterisk or two. Through this promotion, you’ll get the 75% bonus immediately when you buy miles, though they’ll make you work for the other 25% bonus, as follows:

25% additional bonus offer: Dividend Miles members based in the 50 United States and Puerto Rico can earn an additional 25% bonus on their “buy miles” purchase by downloading, installing and completing at least three valid searches using the Dividend Miles Toolbar during the above dates. To qualify, a member’s Dividend Miles account must have been registered with a United States or Puerto Rico address on 2/1/2011. Members who did not have a United States or Puerto Rico address on file as of 2/1/2011 are not eligible to receive the 25% additional bonus regardless of address updates. 25% additional bonus miles will post 5-10 days after eligible members have completed a qualifying “buy miles” transaction and valid Dividend Miles Toolbar search.

As always, accounts need to be at least 12 days old to be eligible for this offer, and taxes apply, so in the end you pay just under 1.5 cents per mile, which is quite a steal. So for under $1,500 you’re looking at a business class ticket to Europe, most of Asia, etc.

Am I the only one that finds the hoops they make you jump through to get those last 25% to almost be comical? Can’t wait for the next promotion, whereby they’ll probably advise you to dress up in a clown suit (of course one that you bought through the Dividend Miles Shopping Mall), post a picture on Facebook, and send it to US Airways. 😉

(Tip of the hat to Gary)


  1. Dear Lucky,
    I would like to get a total of 110k miles,how would it be possible to buy these miles (I need to buy 55k miles and bonus x 2?)
    Many thanks.

  2. Do new accounts opened after February 1, 2011 not receive the 25 percent bonus even if they have a US address? How does this offer compare to the 2010 US mileage purchase offers?

  3. @ Roland — That’s what it seems like.

    @ LHR — Then you would need to buy the other 10,000 miles from each account at full cost. The other alternative is to buy 20,000 miles for another account, and then transfer them to the two other accounts, though there’s a fee for that too.

    @ chitownflyer — Good question, not really clear. I would think that’s probably pretty risky.

  4. I purchased 50,000 miles and received the 75% mileage bonus and completed the toolbar install with the required searches etc prior to the purchase and used the website to purchase the miles, I cannot seem to get the additional 25% bonus. I have called the service center 4 times and sent multiple emails however I keep getting the run around. Not an easy process.

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