1. I feel a lot better about my recent redemptions after reading your post. I just redeemed cash & points at the Westin Tokyo for one night on my upcoming stay, and used a Priority Club Points Break promotion redemption for the following night at the ANA Crowne Plaza Narita. Have you stayed/heard anything about either of these hotels?

  2. I think you’re missing the potential for value in Marriott vacation packages. For 270,000 points I get 120,000 Air Canada miles to fly First Class to Phuket (via Europe, of course) and a week at the JW when I get there.

    Discounting the value of the week in the hotel, I earn those points at a rate of 15 per dollar (more if I had the credit card) which means a spend of $18k without bonuses. I’d need roughly 96,000 SPG points for 120,000 Air Canada miles. Even if you earn at 5 points per dollar (Platinum with credit card) that means a spend of $19200…and I don’t get the week in the hotel.

  3. Since you are comparing top-tier elite earnings, you should somehow include the Starwood platinum amenity (500 points per stay, or 250 at Four Points, element and aLoft). I almost exclusively do sub-$200 1-night stays, and so the 500 points often more than doubles my point earning. In fact, looking back at 2010, my total platinum amenity points were actually 25% higher than my total points earned from the basic 3 points/dollar spent! Also, while you specifically don’t include promotions, you should comment on which programs have more lucrative promotions. In 2010, promotions nearly doubled my 3/$ points with Starwood, but added only 30% to my HHonors earnings.

  4. Lucky, I think a lot of people are interested in how fast they can earn free stays with credit card spend. For each program, could you add the number of points earned per dollar of credit card spend? (I am very happy using my Starwood Amex points for hotel stays, but am not sure if I could do better with another hotel credit card.)

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