Keep your calendars open for March 26!

Let’s just say the sequel to this pretty nifty event will be on March 26, with a big dinner the night before. Mark your calendars, folks, details will be out shortly. All I’ll say as of now is that the flight is originating in San Francisco.

You won’t want to miss this one, trust me.


  1. @ bmvaughn — Correct.

    @ Matthew — Hah, sadly not my MM flight quite yet… the fares out there right now aren’t exactly helping me a whole lot with getting to MM!

  2. Hmm I have an event in Seattle on the 25th, so I am pretty sure I will miss the dinner… but please let us know what the flight is on Saturday – hopefully it’s not so early that those of us in Seattle can’t make it down there that morning!

  3. Cool. I’ll do my best to get there.

    It can be tough for us midwesters to get to SFO cheaply…but I can’t miss this. FT 1 was great. Thanks Lucky!

  4. Booo, already committed elsewhere. I’ll have to make do with drinking pints at my cousin’s wedding… 🙂

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