And the winner is…

Last week I had a little contest to see who could guess what my three “mystery trips” were. Not surprisingly there weren’t a massive number of guesses, given that this wasn’t a simple “pick me” contest. The winner was whoever guessed closest to my actual trips. There were a lot of great guesses (and some creative ideas that will likely inspire future trips), though the winner was Reader (creative name, eh?), with the following guess:

I’ve waited till the end to guess so and I’m gonna combine everyone else’s posts. Hope that’s not against the rules. 😉

You posted on FT about a transit hotel at Heathrow, so I’m going to guess Virgin Atlantic (VA?) is part of the first trip. I would guess you are then flying either Etihad or even Qatar for the rest of that trip. You mentioned on the blog about booking SQ11 LAX-NRT-SIN before it was loaded as the 380, so I’m guessing that’s at least part of another trip. Since you say one trip has several one way tickets, maybe you’re returning the long way via Australia on Qantas (if they even have space). Something with an illegal routing. Then the last trip, I have no clue haha – are you trying the new US Airways Envoy Suite (I remember you posted about that as well before you booked your DL trip). Maybe Air New Zealand premium economy (oh the horror!!!)?


I’ll be in touch via email, Reader. Not entirely right, though a pretty darned good guess, and the closest of the responses.

Stay tuned as I break down each trip over the next week or so…


  1. HELP!
    Seriously need advice/help booking an award trip! Only have 200k BA miles (pittance to most) but finding it impossible to spend them! Any advice? Or point me in the direction of a service that helps??

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