Delta eliminates mileage expiration policy

Delta announced today that they have eliminated mileage expiration, no strings attached. So even without activity, miles never expire. This is a great move, though the cynic in me wonders “what’s in it for them?” I assume there’s quite a bit of liability associated with dormant accounts, and I doubt anyone will choose SkyMiles just because of this (after all, if you don’t have activity every 18 or so months, are you really much of a customer?). Anyway, this is a great change, so kudos to Delta. Let’s hope other airlines follow.


  1. I mean, the miles expire so the airlines can get these liabilities off their books — good for accounting purposes. But how much are Skypesos really a liability for Delta? They’re more or less worthless…

  2. My parents live in a city (MSP) that is a hub for Delta, I rarely fly Delta except for on the odd occasion that I want / need a non-stop flight to visit them so it is nice that, though measly, those miles and the rare Sky Team partner miles that I fly, remain banked for a possible future upgrade or gifting to my parents or siblings. I think this policy actually makes me more likely to occasionaly fly Delta or one of their partners although I do try to primarily fly on United (1) or American (2) and their alliance partners.

  3. I’ve never really understood why everyone refers to Delta miles as “worthless” or “Skypesos”. Sure, it’s not always easy to redeem them in the low category, but if you’re flexible and are willing to book well in advance, they’re great for flights on Delta metal.

    It’s not that hard to find availability (for example) for Hong Kong & Japan (60K/120K), Dakar (80K/120K), Accra (80K/120K), Georgetown, Guyana and other interesting/off-the-beaten path destinations around the world.

  4. Rats, I JUST had a lousy sandwich today to re-up my Skypesos. And the name Skypesos is apt. I tried to redeem a domestic reward for my brother last week, there was no availability for a bunch of future dates, and the “low cost” option required twice the miles (50k) for the round trip when compared to United. Not to mention the fees.

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