United’s creative crew meals…

This morning I was flying from Washington Dulles to Tampa with my buddy hobo13 seated next to me, and we had quite an interesting flight. I’ve never seen meal service go back to front on United, though this morning the purser started by serving us. We both went with the eggs, and as he gave me my tray he said “you get the captain’s meal.” In case you’re wondering just how different the crew meals are, have a look.

My meal:

Normal meal:

As you can see, the only difference is that it has only one sausage link (instead of two), but instead has salsa (or something like that). The lesson I learned today? NEVER ask a flight attendant for more sausage when you’re shorted. I’ll leave it at that…

On a related note, I asked him why the captain wasn’t eating. His response? “The captain wasn’t hungry yet, and I told him he could eat now or never, because I refuse to do anything for the pilots up until 30 minutes after the meal service is complete.” Great attitude on a 1hr40min flight. šŸ˜‰


  1. There is hot food on an 1:40hr minute flight? What??? I fly delta and we dont get hot food till at least flights over 3 hours….

  2. I think I saw you in terminal C this morning at IAD but I was too tired to get up and confirm as you were walking the opposite way. You were with another dude so that must be hobo13.

  3. That may not look gourmet… but for a 100 min flight it’s nice to have a real meal. It certainly looks way better than Mcdonalds to me.

  4. You ungrateful oaf! How dare you ask for another sausage link when you got the CAPTAINs meal and got more eggs and salsa!! šŸ˜‰

  5. You guys are nuts. That looks awesome–I would eat that every morning of the week if given the chance. Seriously.

  6. I noticed the back to front service on a 757 from BOS-LAX on Sunday as well. It was strange, never seen it before.

  7. I think what happened is that the captain ate one of the sausage links and then decided to forgo the rest of the meal. That would explain why there was only one sausage link!

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