1. You’ve confused the site! It has no idea why you would fly (an example routing) TPA-IAD-SFO-ORD-LHR-IAD-JNB-FRA-SIN-NRT-HKG-YYZ-ORD-TPA, when it thinks you should fly TPA-ORD-NRT-ORD-TPA 😀

  2. Aaaahh…… lack of English command…

    I guess what it’s meant to say is basically once we ticket this, you can’t change the name on the ticket. That also includes if you should happen to spell the name of the passenger incorrectly (i.e. if you make a spelling mistake and don’t correct it before ticketing, you’re stuffed).

  3. I once did the booking for 3 couples traveling together. One had/has a last name that I had unknowingly been misspelling all along (transposed “ie/ei”,not following the “after C” rule).

    Caused a bit of embarrassment for me, but no “official” noticed. We tried to get it fixed for the return, but couldn’t.

    Flights on BA, in 2008

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