No United Elite Choice program this year?

Now that it’s February, it’s probably worth noting that United hasn’t announced an Elite Choice program for the year. In years past it was an extra program which gave you “rewards” for passing certain milestones. The rewards were typically minimal for milestones within your status level (in other words, as a 1K the rewards weren’t great at 40,000 miles and 75,000 miles), though they were typically pretty decent when you flew beyond the amount required for your elite level. For example, last year I had the choice between a Premier nomination and 25,000 redeemable miles at 125,000 elite qualifying miles, and the choice between a Premier Executive nomination and 25,000 redeemable miles at 175,000 elite qualifying miles.

Last year’s Elite Choice program was announced in November of 2009, six weeks before the start of the year. Well, we’re now five weeks into this year, and we still haven’t heard anything about an Elite Choice program for the year.

Well, I guess along with a double elite qualifying miles promotion, they don’t feel like they need it this year. Planes are full and the airlines are profitable, so why the heck give customers something you don’t have to? It was an awesome “gesture of goodwill,” though doubt it contributed to much incremental business.


  1. For me, it did result in giving United more business. Usually when I pass the 100,000 mile mark I fly with whoever has the cheapest fare/best promotions/etc.. With the elite choice, if I found myself at 118k miles I would fly with UA just to hit that 125k.

  2. The program definitely resulted in me giving United extra business each year they had it instead of switching my incremental business to American. I also got a few coworkers to switch their business to United when I gifted them Premier status.

  3. I gave UA more business. I flew 125 segments with them last year. I would stop at 100 and switch to AA if not this promo. However, i did not receive any miles yet. Is it a problem that I had few segments on US and CO?

  4. @al613 – don’t stop at 100 segments this year! As for flying on partners, shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to counting EQM/EQS for the purposes of Elite Choice. I had my partner miles count toward Elite Choice levels. I’d follow up with MP customer service to see what the hold-up is.

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