Is American status matching to Executive Platinum?

Historically, American Airlines has been about as stingy as they get when it comes to status matching. While most US airlines will match an equivalent elite tier with another carrier, American has always more or less told elites at other airlines looking to switch to pound sand. Instead they offer paid “challenges,” which are open to everyone.

Well, as reported by The Wandering Aramean, it appears as if American is, on a selective basis, offering somewhat lucrative challenges to their top published tier status, Executive Platinum. While it’s not published anywhere, this FlyerTalk thread suggests that American is offering some United 1K/Global Services members an Executive Platinum challenge, whereby they give the member Platinum status up front, and then require one to earn 25,000 points within 90 days to earn Executive Platinum status. Now, “points” are not the same as elite qualifying miles. You only earn half a point per mile in cheaper fare buckets, so for us mileage runners, that would be 50,000 flown miles within 90 days.

I know it sounds like a lot, but coming from American, this is about as generous as it gets. It’s certainly better than starting from nothing, and also better than paying for a challenge. But it doesn’t compare to the 1K status match opportunity United is offering American Executive Platinum members.

So if you’re interested in “sampling” the dAArkside and giving them 100,000 miles/year of your business, consider contacting them and seeing what kind of a bone they’ll throw you.


  1. Pretty sure AA matches to Exec Plat for employees at my Firm. Needs to go through our corporate rep though.

  2. AA do corporate status matches, but for corporate folks it’s also worth mentioning that you get 1.5 points on several of the high fare codes so that would make it only 16,667 miles of flying and AA doesn’t restrict it to AA metal, while UA and CO require you to do their challenge on UA or CO metal!

    I would say AA’s deal is actually better than UA or CO’s deal! 16,667 miles on any OW metal rather than 23,334 on UA or CO metal…

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