1. I’m with you until you got to the Tampa part! The airport is beyond bare bones once you get past security (at least on the United side) and the “business center” is nothing more than a converted indoor smoking room. The nicely moved the smoking outside, but its still next door! You also are somewhat vague when you say “business center”. Its a room with cubicles and power. No fax or copiers, no fedex, stapler, or anything a lounge business center would have. No, TPA had a big room they had nothing else to do with……. Pathetic….

  2. Do you really tip in the Thai Airways spa in BKK? I understood (after posting a question in an FT thread) that doing this was not the norm.

  3. Good article. Definitely check out Schipol soon and see if it makes you list of top airports. I haven’t been in ages but it was great. Maybe you can uncover some other good European airports as well.

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