For the first time in 800,000+ miles on United…

I’m booked on a flight that has every single seat assigned in coach. Yeah, no need to stop the press, though since it’s a first, I’ll mention it nonetheless.

Most shocking of all is that this flight is over a week out. Maybe this is normal for those that fly other airlines, though even on the most grossly oversold United flights, I’ve never seen every single seat assigned on a United mainline flight. At the very least, a few middle seats will stay empty, as many people choose to not assign a seat over selecting a middle seat in the last row. That’s why United almost always has a list of people “confirmed awaiting seats” at the gate. In this case, though, even every exit row and Economy Plus seat is taken.

Not feeling too good about the upgrade, though looks like some bump potential!


  1. Again, another CO influence. I see this on CO all the time, on prime busy routes, ex-EWR.

    CO Style is the new UA.

  2. I have seen this a few times since december, they are holding seats for gate checkin for some reason. when you check in there is no seat assignment, and then they call you out by name and hand out new boarding passes at the gate. silly.

  3. I’ve seen this too. I’ve also seen them holding seats (E and F) for gate check-in lately, too. For instance, I’ve had a couple recent flights showing F5 on an E170 the day of the flight, and 5 open seats at the gate. Of course, I didn’t get an upgrade b/c I was #2 on the list and my 5 yo daughter was #6 (argh). But still, weird how they were holding seats for so long. Have another flight tomorrow with the same situation.

  4. Of course, this image could also be just another .bomb hiccup! 😀 … except I assume Flight Details shows “Y0”.

  5. Not impressed with those small planes filling up 😉 My LAX-IAD 777 flight on Monday has been 100% reserved all week. Luckily I picked my seat awhile ago. It’s still YBEMU9 since a bunch of us will end up in sparsely populated C. Hoping for a bump but I don’t think it’s likely.

  6. The more interesting thing from Lucky’s screen shot is UA feels the need to tell their fliers which end is the front and which is the rear.

    Had no idea Star = Short bus. 😉

  7. Coins,

    Flights with these seat maps seem to go with several empties. Last week I was disappointed when this situation came up. I had to suffer in first, rather than get the bump.

  8. Just ran into this on Delta today. Booked a ticket for next Saturday morning’s MSP-SLC, all seats (elite included) were taken. Should clear the upgrade though come Sunday morning, as EF is showing 8 seats for upgrade and I have never seen a flight with 8 Diamonds on it, even at peak hub-hub business traveler times.

  9. I often have to book last minute flights on UA, and I see this pretty often. It’s not a “new” thing or related to CO as some commanders have pointed out.

  10. What Kevin said. This happens to me regularly. Lucky – I think you just do a lot of “off-peak” flying since you’re traveling for leisure and not for business.

    Monday mornings/Thursday afternoons full seat maps are the norm in my world.

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