1. Nice list! Been to Bali and Queenstown and they are definitely up there on my favorites too!

    They say the new hidden treasure of Indonesia is Lombok so that’s where I’m headed next…

    Sorry to see Sydney not on your list thought. Have you been?

    This is by far and away my favorite city in the world!

  2. Lucky,

    You need to go to Buenos Aires. Definitely one of my favorite cities. Have you been to Berlin and Paris yet? Berlin is a great city. I lived there for three months and would rate it one of the best cities in the world – great food, lively nightlife, lots of culture and history, very cosmopolitan and good public transport. It’s exceptionally cheap too and not just by Western European standards. It was way cheaper than CA.

    I still need to go to Tokyo but I liked Seoul very much too.

    Of course, my “most favoritest” city anywhere in the world is my hometown – San Francisco!

  3. I’m pretty sure the Tokyo picture is taken from the bar on the 36th floor of the ANA IC.

    Great choices!

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