United now status matching American Executive Platinums to 1K?

According to a FlyerTalk member in the “Status Match Master Thread” on FlyerTalk, United offered to match his Executive Platinum status with American to 1K status on United. Apparently this poster received the following response from Mileage Plus when requesting the status match:

Hello ******,

Thank you for your interest in our Elite Status Match.

Before we process your request, I wanted to advise you of a couple changes we made to the program in 2011.

Prior to January 1, 2011, we were not able to match up to 1K status. The highest level we could upgrade was Premier Executive. The criteria to maintain the Premier Executive status was 15,000 qualifying flight miles or 20 qualifying flight segments.

In 2011, we are able to match up to 1K status with the requirements of 35,000 paid, qualifying miles or 40 segments on qualifying flights* within that 90-day timeframe. The Premier Executive requirements are fly 17,500 paid, qualifying miles or 22 segments on qualifying flights* within that 90-day timeframe.

*Qualifying lights must be operated by United, United Express, Continental, Continental Connection or Continental Express with a United or Continental flight number and credited to the member’s Mileage Plus account. Flights operated by United, United Express, Continental, Continental Connection or Continental Express that have a partner’s codeshare flight number do not qualify. Flights operated by any other airline do not qualify.

We would like to know if you would like to be upgraded to the 1K level or the Premier Executive level for your 90 day time-frame. Please reply to this e-mail and we will be happy to get your request processed.

I appreciate your time and understanding.


Service Director
Mileage Plus

Based on this email it seems to be as of January 1, 2011. 35,000 qualifying miles have to be flown with 90 days, though you seem to get the 1K status up front. So if you’re an Executive Platinum, this might be worth considering. That being said, I can’t personally vouch for the poster or the information, though it seems believable enough.

All the while, American won’t do squat for United 1Ks trying to status match to them. Maybe this will make them think twice about that…


  1. I assume all benefits apply during the qualification period with the exception of SWU’s (for 1k’s) for example?

  2. Huh, I’m guessing the drop-off in the number of 1K’s might be a little more than expected. Of course they probably want to trim the ranks slightly because of the merger. I wonder if they will throw a bone to their former 1K members who just missed re-qualification.

  3. I called to inquire about this and was told they are matching top tier from AA, Delta, and get ready for this: Czech Airlines, EVA Airways, and Alitalia. However, the more I think about it, I think the agent was saying they are matching to 1K from AA & DL and added those airlines to the status challenge program.

  4. How about a “status match” FROM 1K with the same parameters. We loyal customers lose DEQM–while outsiders get essentially Triple EQMs for 2011. Grr.

  5. How about UA showing loyalty to those of us who were close to making 1K or at least providing some way for those of us who are loyal to THEM with the option of making 1K? Amazing. . .

  6. Let’s see, fly 35% of the annual target in 25% of a year at Untied and fail to get a soft landing, or, fly 25% of the target (albeit at potentially higher fares) in 25% of the year and get a soft landing that generates at least some form of status for the 2 years after you fail to re-qualify. Is AA really screwing people? No. They just ask that you can maintain (not exceed by 40%) the pace needed to re-qualify.

    As an AA EXP, the Untied offer isn’t appealing — too many miles and no soft landing are each bad. Combined, they’re appalling.

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