Star Alliance’s cool new contest/promotion!

Star Alliance has a pretty fun, innovative contest of sorts, highlighting their Star Alliance upgrade program. The first prize is a pair of business class round the world tickets, the second prize is a pair of return business class tickets, the third prize is three return economy class tickets, and the fourth prize is 10,000 frequent flyer miles (which goes to five people).

What makes this fun is that it isn’t a simple sweepstakes, but instead, the person with the closest guess wins. You have to go here and answer five basic questions. The answers are pretty obvious for the most part, though as The Wandering Aramean points out:

1. There are 27 member airlines in Star Alliance
2. Upgrades come from your points and are valid on other carriers; no elite status required
3. Your existing ticket is still valid with the upgrade attached to it
4. There are LOTs of benefits available. Like all of them.
5. There are nearly 1000 lounges available.

The tie-breaker question is “how many kilometers did Star Alliance carriers fly in July 2010?” So the people that get closest to that amount (and answer the first five questions correctly) win the prizes. You can enter once per valid frequent flyer account number.

Now, no doubt it’s a long shot, but I guess if you have a lot of free time on your hands, you could research this extensively and at least come up with an educated guess…

Fun promotion!


  1. Nice tiebreaker indeed. Would be interesting to see how much time it takes to get actual numbers (assuming they are published somewhere – may not be the case). Though you should be able to get the order of magnitude and rough idea of the number in about five minutes.

  2. The problem with all travel sweepstakes etc is that the retail price of the free tickets that you win is so high as to make the tax liability unbearable at least for US citizens.

  3. It seems to me that Star Alliance won’t even know the answer to this question. They’ll know how many miles each flight covered point to point, but how in the world would they know how far each flight actually flew? I doubt they’re counting go-arounds and arrival holds. 🙂

  4. If anyone have a copy if the star alliance wide time table as of July 2010, have a script to parse it and, among other things, calculate miles flown!

  5. What about code shared flights? If one actual flight is code shared with five Star Alliance carriers, does that count as one flight, or five?

  6. Hey Lucky, just received an email confirming that I won 10,000 points in this contest.

    Thanks for the link.

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