Worst excuse for inflight behavior… ever?

Via Gadling:

A 50 year old Floridian has been arrested after he exposed himself on a flight from Salt Lake City to Lewiston, ID. The man reportedly started masturbating next to a 17 year old girl on the plane, who then moved seats to get away from the pervert.

But hold on, folks! It’s all okay, his intentions weren’t bad, he wasn’t doing what we think he was. Here’s why this all went down:

According to police, the man claims he spilled Tabasco sauce on his crotch, causing him to expose himself and rub violently to reduce the burning and itching.

Of course, Tabasco sauce…


  1. LOL! lemme be the third commenter in a row to laugh at this! I gotta show my wife this article because one time something like this happened to her on an ATA flight (remember them???).

  2. My wife once caught me after I … uh … spilled Tabasco sauce on myself. I feel this dude’s pain! 😉

  3. Seems to me that if I spilled hot sauce on myself I’d be saying something about it. Starting with a variation of “Oh S…”! and an explanation/apology to my seatmate why I was acting strangely.

    Assuming that this wasn’t the case, I gotta think major perv move here.

  4. I once spilled spicy tomato juice all over my lap (and laptop) 20 minutes into a packed 12 hours flight to Hong Kong… Had to hand wash my sweatpants in the bathroom and wear them wet the entire flight. I could not change seats so I had to stomach the faint smell of dying tomato coming up from the carpet the entire flight and during the four last hours of heavy turbulence.
    Not saying this guy’s excuses were valid (yuck!) but weird things can happen in flight!

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