New blog feature: Trip Report Index

Dear blog readers, you’ll see a number of changes in the months ahead, and I think you’ll like them. Yes, unlike the airlines, when I say there’s a new “feature,” I (try to) mean it in a good way. While I’ve long had “categories” on the right side of my blog that break down my posts by general topics, I don’t find that to be a particularly efficient way to search through my trip reports and reviews.

As a result, you’ll now see a new page on the right side of the blog, entitled “Trip Report Index.” This contains all my reviews of airlines, airline lounges, and hotels that I’ve written on the blog. I’ve further broken them down by year. Hopefully in conjunction with the “ctrl+F” function on your computer, you’ll find this to be a useful resource for quickly navigating all my past trip reports and reviews. I’ll be sure to update the page as I continue to write more reviews.


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