Some really cool “behind the scenes” airline TV shows (if you speak German)…

Gosh, I’m happy I speak German, if for no other reason than the really cool airplane related documentaries that they seem to make in Germany. When I was in Mainz, Germany, this past week, I turned on the TV for a moment, only to flip to a channel showing a documentary about Lufthansa’s first A380 flight to Johannesburg. Unfortunately I only caught the tail end of it, though it was awesome. A while back I posted this documentary, following the first commercial Lufthansa A340-600 flight.

Well, I just found a couple more awesome videos on YouTube. First, there’s a documentary following two new hire Lufthansa flight attendants as they go through training and work their first commercial flight, which happens to be from Frankfurt to Hong Kong. It documents everything, including the entire onboard experience and what the crew did during their layover. Part one can be found here:

Then there’s part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, and part seven. Most impressive is that the new hires in this video are 18 & 19 years old!

Then there’s another pretty cool documentary, following a Lufthansa short haul crew on a three day trip, documenting everything from their pre-flight preparations to the flights themselves to their layovers. Part one can be found here:

Then there’s part two, part three, part four, and part five.

My condolences to those that don’t speak German, you’re really missing out.


  1. How do LH new hires get such a fantastic long haul route? It seems the new hires for the U.S. legacy carriers only get such routes with seniority. Just curious.

  2. @Carl: the first documentary appears to be quite new. Some flight attendants probably ‘upgraded’ from the B747 to the A380. The new flight attendants are working on the B747. There were rumors that LH used the B747 for domestic flights to train more flight attendants – others said LH just wanted to use the cycles they had on the airframes.
    LH uses the B747 on lots of interesting long haul routes out of FRA. There are no 747s in MUC or DUS.

  3. At the end of the video, I think I heard the FA say “oh shit” when she dropped the utensils on the passenger…… 🙂

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