And the numbers for 2010 are in…

I just did the math on my 2010 travel year. In 2010 I flew 318,937 “butt-in-seat” miles and 246 segments (that’s between award and revenue tickets). I’ve spent 102 nights in hotels, split mostly between Hyatt and Priority Club properties.

Unbelievable. While miles, points, and travel are no doubt a full time obsession, it really doesn’t feel like I’ve been on the road that much…

Here’s to hoping 2011 is a bit more reasonable. Then again I don’t think I’m qualified to define “reasonable.”

How did everyone else do (I’m in no way saying that bigger is better here… I’m sure many are happy to have spent more time at home this year)?

To quote one of my favorite people, Richard Quest, “wherever your travels take you [in 2011], may they be profitable!”

And on a slightly related note, today I booked what I consider to be one of the coolest (and simplest) award tickets ever, for me at least. I’ll be traveling in March on an airline I never thought I’d be able to try (and visiting a country I never thought I’d get around to), so stay tuned!


  1. Lucky – What was your net cost for the flights, and separately for the hotels, after voucher redemptions, awards, etc?

  2. Coins,

    Enjoy your travel now, because when you eventually get a job, you’re going to have major withdrawals.
    Ah youth!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Haha, Emirates First to Dubai is my guess šŸ™‚ If I’m correct, it’s a treat, you’ll have fun. Do make sure to get out of the hotel in Dubai (…) there’s plenty to do!

  4. While miles, points, and travel are no doubt a full time obsession, it really doesnā€™t feel like Iā€™ve been on the road that muchā€¦

    LOL… really? I traveled maybe 40% the distance you did and it felt like just enough.

    As for your mystery flight, Air Koryo to KPY?! šŸ˜‰

  5. Nice, work on the travels, 2010 was an off year for me. Even on a busy travel year, I never fly as much as you do.

    My guess on your mystery flight is Nepal or Bahrain.

  6. I know the answer! We also just booked A380 first class on Emirates for September 2011. I’m afraid the window is closing fast on this oppoprtunity.

  7. @Fernan: probably because his spend is ridiculously high and he’s a college student so he’s not spending his own money for this “hobby” but rather his parents’ money. These folks are rampant on FlyerTalk: rich kids flying around the world and staying at 5-star hotels yet they’ve done nothing to actually earn the money they spend on such adventures. And we’re supposed to be impressed by this?

  8. How is it trolling to point out that mom and dad pay for lucky’s travel? How is it trolling to point out that he doesn’t have a job so it’s not all that impressive that he sits on airplanes for 300k miles a year?

  9. I’ll be revealing the “answer” very soon. Stay tuned. Love some of the guesses, by the way.

    @ Richard — Just FYI, I actually pay for all my own travels. Not only that, but all of my living expenses, rent, car payments, tuition, etc. Between blogging, freelance writing, and more than anything else, my travel consulting business, I have more than a full time job. It has actually been going so well that I plan on doing this full time when I finish school.

  10. @Lucky – I simply don’t believe that. I don’t think you can make enough money from your consulting job and blogging to pay for all of your travel. But if you are telling the truth, why so hesitant to tell us what your spend was? You’re more than willing to tell us your BIS, why not tell us how much it cost you to accomplish that?

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