BBC’s new comedy, “Come Fly With Me”

BBC’s new comedy, “Come Fly With Me,” premiered this past week. It’s a comedy revolving around airport operations for fictitious airlines at a fictitious airport. It’s definitely a bit “out there,” though funny nonetheless. You can watch the full first episode here:

So what do you think? Funny? Lame? Meh?


  1. It definitely has potential. Some of the parts were quite funny while others missed the mark. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing. The humor increases exponentially if you’ve seen the BBC show Airport from the early 2000s. The setup of this show completely mocks the filming and format of that show which was based at Heathrow.

  3. How about when the guy tried to fly without his passport causing that racous scene and storming out only to find it in his other pocket. ROFL! Hopefully future episodes will be on YouTube!

  4. Little Britain is much more amusing. Still, I enjoyed this. It definitely has extra appeal for obsessive-compulsive airplane nerds.

  5. Would think that actresses in the UK would revolt over so many female roles going to guys in drag! 😀

  6. Seems that they have run out of new ideas.Wasnt impressed.Jokes/sketches were poor.Seems that they wrote this poor comedy in a hurry.Shame as Little Britain was groundbreaking stuff whereas come fly with me was boring.

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