“Am I speaking with ______, or someone calling on behalf of ______?”

I really appreciate that United has a recognition system when calling their reservations phone number. As a 1K, when I call the 1K desk from the phone number registered on my Mileage Plus profile, it automatically asks, “Am I speaking with Lucky, or someone calling on behalf of Lucky?”

Well, this evening I called the 1K desk from the Gmail chat phone function in my Gmail account, and got a slightly different greeting. Give it a listen here.


  1. @Toula – this isn’t Lucky’s number. The number gchat calls from is someone else’s stored number in the system – and their name is Shittle!

  2. I don’t see the problem …

    – so they got a screwed up incoming caller id and the computer matched it to … well … who knows what … computers are fallible… at least UAL are trying to optimize your interaction with them … I presume you said ‘no’ and someone/thing helped you quickly …

    as a M miler, ex-1K, now prem-exec and using British English (not American English) as my primary dialect I’m pleased their system understands me virtually every time I call … way better than many other US firms with voice recognition software ..

  3. @ robert — I’m not complaining. I posted it because I thought it was funny. Notice how this is filed under the “humor” category.

    @ mrpickles — LOL! That would be the jungle known as the Andaz West Hollywood, where the employees were picketing at 7AM.

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